Gas saving tips for your car

One of the most important factors for new-car shoppers is how many miles per gallon (MPGs) a car offers. Whether or not gas prices are at an all-time low or high, or how budget conscious you are, you probably just want to get the most out of your full tank of gas. Whatever your goals may be, we have decided to put together some tips for saving gas.

On a side note, the following tips will also help you extend the life of your vehicle, so this is a win-win situation!

Get rid of excess weight: If you have too many useless things in your trunk or rear seat, consider emptying them out. Get rid of the unnecessary stuff and only keep the essentials in your car. Remember, less weight means better gas mileage.

Monitor tire pressure: This is probably one of the most important points on our list. Make sure your tires are properly inflated because under-inflated tires will force the engine to work harder resulting in a waste of gas.

Keep up with scheduled maintenance service: Sometimes it’s hard to take time out of your busy schedule to take your car in for service. However, if there is any warning on your car computer that is notifying you to get your car serviced, we recommend you give SRM a call to get your vehicle serviced asap. You can also use our convenient Appointment Application (powered by Demandforce).

Not only does following the scheduled maintenance service extend the life of your vehicle, a maintained engine operates at high efficiency, which will result in maximized gas mileage.


Avoid idling: Waiting in the parking lot for a family or friend? Sitting in a parking spot and browsing through Facebook on your phone? Well, turn your car off. Shutting off the engine while waiting in a parking spot will definitely help you save some cash at the pump in the long run.

Use your Air Conditioning wisely: Are you driving around town on a nice breezy summer day? Lower your windows and enjoy some fresh air! Turning off your air conditioning can help save fuel. Of course, if you’re stuck in traffic, you can also shut off your air conditioning and roll down the window. On the flip side, if you’re driving at highway speeds, keep the windows closed to reduce air drag and save fuel.

Drive gently: While you may have a sports car in your driveway, keep in mind you’re not always racing from point A to point B. Go easy on the accelerator, sudden and quick acceleration guzzles gas to no end. Keep alert and adjust your speed gradually. Of course, this will also lead to you arriving at your destination safely.

Combine trips: So you went to the mall and didn’t purchase a certain item or you went to the grocery store and forgot to buy your favorite cereal. Some trips will always end up being unnecessary. Always try to combine your trips, so you’re not constantly going back and forth in your car.

Obey speed limits: Of course this is probably the most logical thing to do and it also happens to be the law. Speeding definitely decreases your MPGs, so following the speed limit by cruising along will help you save gas and keep you from getting a speeding ticket.

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