Don’t worry: the damage (usually) isn’t permanent. If your plastic headlights or taillights are foggy or yellowed enough to obstruct the light coming from the bulbs, it’s time to take a look at a couple of restoration options. Having the road before you properly illuminated is critical to the safety of yourself and others, so make sure that you take care of your hazy lights quickly and thoroughly.

Using Restoration Products

Perhaps the go-to way to restore your plastic headlights to their former glory is to purchase a headlight restoration product and get going yourself. You will need to first gently clean off your headlights with glass cleaner or soap and then dry them thoroughly. Once your headlights are as clear as they’re going to get, use your abrasive product to scuff at the haze on the plastic. Most headlight restoration items use things like sandpaper to accomplish this step, and if you do a thorough enough job of it, the entire headlight will be free of any of the previous yellowing. You can then polish your lights and apply a UV sealant to protect your headlights from future damage.

Using Toothpaste

If you’re an even more extreme do-it-yourselfer, you can bypass the purchasable products entirely and go straight to the home remedy. Toothpaste works like the abrasives in the headlight restoration kits discussed earlier. In this instance, you’ll want to again clean off your headlights before you apply the toothpaste. Once you have the toothpaste on your headlights, scrub it away with a clean cloth. As with the previous method, you will want to polish your headlights and then use a headlight sealant to protect them from further scratching or yellowing.

Using Service

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