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Aurora Mazda Repair and Service

Aurora Mazda Repair and Service by the specialists at SRM, we take pride in being unlike most auto service shops in the Denver Metro area. The people who work here are honest, and our shop is clean, organized, and comfortable. We know that just a few minutes down the road you can shop around until you find the lowest price for a mechanic shop, but who knows what you’re paying for? Will you receive quality work, reliable service, and the right parts? With SRM Mazda Repair and Service in Aurora, you don’t have to wonder—we’ll never try to sell you anything you don’t need, and we’ll go above and beyond to earn your trust.

Mazda Service and Repair

Our shop is qualified to work on all models of Mazda brand vehicles. We can handle brake repair, oil changes and any general maintenance on your car. With every service, we conduct a vehicle safety inspection to ensure your car is safe and reliable when it leaves our shop.


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18355 E Girard Ave. Aurora, CO. 80013

Mazda Repair and Service
Mazda Repair and Service
Mazda Repair and Service